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Instagram photo by selfcaresocialworkerIf you would've shown me 1.5 years ago a snapshot of the woman I am today, I would've said "who is she? I don't recognize her." . That's because 1.5 years ago, I was lost. I had spent much of my life feeling a deep sense of self-hate and the mirror was my worst enemy. I had bought into the lies that beauty is literally skin deep; that your weight/size = your worth and value; that I would never actually figure out a healthy balance; that after so many attempts and failures, I couldn't possibly overcome my sugar addiction and relationship to food. . Out of a place of desperation and fed up with the vicious cycle, I took a small step that has become one of the biggest and most life-changing steps I've ever made. . 1.5 years ago I joined my first health & self-love virtual support/accountability group. Since then I have had the honor of working alongside other women to build empowerment, healthy habits, self-confidence. I have travelled to different states and cities and attended incredible trainings; I have met the personal trainers whose programs changed my body and health; i have experienced mental and emotional transformation; I have been able to cover bills and start paying off student loans. . {{ thanks to God, that girl who was lost has been found }} . If you've ever wondered what I do as a coach of why I started, TONIGHT is your chance to learn more🤗 Join my team & I for a virtual hang out at 9pm and see for yourself what can happen when you take a small step💕

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