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Instagram photo by ian_infinityThe only thing keeping you from getting what you want, is the #story you keep telling yourself about why you don't have it,yet... Divorce your story and marry your #truth . A good strategy. . . I want you to #imagine that you are #driving in your car with a girl you're #dating ,as you are driving your #girl asks you "honey do you need to stop for a #drink or go to pee?" And you know you don't have to,what do you say? A-I don't have to pee B-ask her if she needs to pee C-just stop and make it happen When a #woman is asking you if you need to stop for a drink or go to pee, women don't really mean what they say, they give you clues and they want you to be a #detective and uncover what they mean cause this proves that you really care... It's quite complex But I'm gonna #educate you right now. So when she said do you have to pee... your response should never be : "no I don't have too or yes" Your response should always be : Honey do you need to pee? And then she'll say I dont know... Cause women need to talk it out to see if they have to pee.. then she'll probably pause and say #honey I think we should stop. Don't make her say yes, just stop and make it happen. This test is for the ladies You find a man very #attractive , you seem very interested and you develop the courage to go up to him and start a #conversation and then you say to him: "hey listen would you like to have lunch maybe next Thursday? And he says NO... what does your gut says it means? A- he's not interested B- doesn't find me attractive C- he's stupid D- probably has a girlfriend Remember he just said NO And she made up a story in her head of the possibilities. This is what most woman do... In a woman's world they say things to men and they have to make up what it means... In a mens world we actually say what we mean. Its #crazy ... Woman if a guy says NO. It doesn't mean He's not in to you or is with someone else or that he's stupid ... It just mean NO to #Thursday . Girl just ask him for another day..that simple. Can you see how the story we tell ourselves gets in the way of a strategy that would've work? Ps-"lack of understanding will betray you"...

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