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Instagram photo by physioworks_dxb🔶Strength Training for the Transverse Abdominus🔶 🔸Once you can easily recruit the TVA's you can progress safely onto the strengthening exercises. Gave you checked out the previous video to isolate the TVA's first. Remember to use the cue 1 or 2 as shown in the previous video part1 series. Contract the TVA @ 30% so that you do not brace your abdominals. Hold the contraction 3-5 seconds initailly and progress to 10seconds. Once you can hold for this duration you can then progress to this video for strength training. 🔸Strength training is essential to address strength deficits that can occur with poor posture, abdominal surgery, pregnancy, rib fracture etc. 🔸Increases in strength can vary dependent on no of reps and sets. A graded strengthening program of 6-8 weeks is advised. Start initially 10-15 reps. Due to progressive difficulty with the exercises hold the contraction of 3-5 seconds to begin each stage and breathe throughout the exercise. Perform 3 sets. Repeat 3-4 times per day. Progress to the next step once you can perform the step well for a number of days/weeks. Once you can activate it well practice recruiting it in many different positions eg squat/lifting/sitting/standing. Protect your back as you squat heavy weights. 🔸This video takes you through the basics in a supine position (lying flat). I have choosen this to start as it allows you to easily palpate the contraction and limit compensatory reactions. Later I will post a video to progress into four point kneeling/cow position. Try it let me know if you have any problems! #physiotherapy #fitnessmovement #corestability #strengthtraining #squats #dubai #motivation #summersnearlyhere
Instagram photo by shpfitnessDeadlift tip: Lock out the hips to finish but don't hyperextend. - So far we've touched on the deadlift starting position and what can occur during the lift but another commonly seen mistake is actually finishing the lift correctly! - The first mistake is the picture on the left and is a case of not locking out the hips and essentially not completing the lift! This is normally down to the lift being performed in anterior pelvic tilt and being hamstring dominant. Due to the arch in the lower back formed, the bar has to stop moving before lock out can be achieved, then the only way to achieve the fully locked out position is to hyperextend like the photo on the right. Simply squeezing the glutes and brining the hips into a neutral position should do the trick to complete the lift and avoid the photo on the right... - As suggested many people have the tendency to hyperextend at the end of a deadlift and look like the photo on the right. This can be due to the reasons mentioned previously but sometimes this is a conscious decision of the lifter. I think there is a stigma that this is how you complete a deadlift, that you look stronger and can lift more weight, where as it is basically a waste of energy and effectively pointless. All that is occurring is you are bending backwards placing a load of pressure on the hyperextended lumbar spine and won't help you deadlift anymore weight, in fact it only makes the exercise harder! - As @gregnucklos says, to finish the deadlift the spine, hips and knees just need to be straight! - More tomorrow and as always if you are in the Winchester/Southampton area and interested in Strength and Conditioning or personal training with me contact: to @shpfitness.co.uk

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