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Instagram photo by ksenyaprokВ течение всего 2017 года режиссеры, аниматоры, художники и продюсеры студии PIXAR , например, Пит Доктер («Вверх») и Марк Эндрюс («Храбрая сердцем»), будут рассказывать, как лучше донести информацию до зрителя. Первое занятие уже есть на сайте – оно учит мастерству рассказчика и называется «Мы все рассказываем истории». Второе появится на страницах Khan Academy в течение недели и будет называться «Характеры». #Repost @studioprokanalytics with @repostapp ・・・ Если Вы когда-нибудь мечтали увидеть вживую создателей своих любимых мультфильмов и поучиться у них мастерству интересных историй, написанию захватывающих сценариев и созданию анимаций…эта информация для Вас! Как сообщает, знаменитая анимационная студия Pixar начинает собственный онлайн-курс по сторителлингу и сценарному мастерству, доступный всем желающим. Обучение будет проходить на платформе Khan Academy. Для начала учебы достаточно пройти регистрацию на ресурсе. Увидимся в онлайн-студии) С удовольствием делимся с Вами информацией) @time_to_write @smm_likes @be_in_brand #Disney #News #Storytelling #Pixar #Adindexru #Online #Courses #Сторителлинг #Онлайнкурсы #Бесплатно #Free #Сценарии
Instagram photo by everydaymigration23 year old Tala from Damascus keeps dried jasmines from her home. "This war has lost a lot of who I am, I'm not used to being so dead inside. I close my eyes and wish this wasn't reality. That this was a movie." November, 2014.⠀ ⠀ The series ‘Our Limbo’ by Natalie Naccache / @natnacphotos chronicles a sense of loss and displacement among a group of young Syrian women who grew up together in Damascus, and left for Beirut before the outbreak of the civil war to study in Lebanese universities. Their plan was always to return to Syria, to their families and find jobs. As the civil war unfolded, their plans to return to their homeland faded. After they graduated, their tight group broke into fragments that wound up dispersed across different countries. This story focuses on the psychological effects of losing your homeland, and the difficulty of adapting to a new country. ⠀ ⠀ It is estimated that over four million Syrians have left the country during the course of the civil war which erupted in 2011. The vast majority of them have sought refuge in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, while millions more remain displaced within Syria itself. ⠀ ⠀ Natalie Naccache: "Because these girls are fortunate — they can afford food, they can pay rent — they didn’t feel like they had the right to ever complain about their situation, so they had suppressed emotions. I would give them a page in the shared journal and I would let them do whatever they wanted with it. Sometimes they would paint, sometimes draw, sometimes one of them just went crazy with her and pen and started writing everything she thought. It was like an explosion of feelings straight onto the page."⠀ ⠀ #ourlimbo #ADPP #storytelling #magnumfoundation #afac #princeclausfund #women #youngwomen #friendship #syria #displacement #beirut #home #emotion #everydaymigration #edmnnaccache #journals #multimedia #documentary #photography

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