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Photos and video with hashtag #starwarsxsantacruz


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Instagram photo by sc_goon - Detail of emperor graphic for #starwars #starwarsxsantacruz
- Detail of emperor graphic for #starwars #starwarsxsantacruz
sc_goon sc_goon
dontcallmeace - Ben Ventura Been following you for a minute now. Started of with the lunch bags, then I stumbled upon your other artwork which I dig. But these Star Wars decks take my appreciation of your craft to a whole new level. You killed it on these @sc_goon ! Pure fucking awesome man. Thank you for putting these out into the universe.
86carstensen - #(.)(.)&(_*_) "Something, something, something, dark side. Something, something, something, complete."
sc_goon - Lucas Musgrave @dontcallmeace well thanks Ben. That's a really nice thing to say and positive comments like that mean a lot to me. Really. Thanks.
dontcallmeace - Ben Ventura @sc_goon respect my man.