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Instagram photo by 76vibrationThere is an organic Vital Body, and that is proven. Elel Corpo Vital is the one that sustains all the processes of organic life, let's call it Lingam Sarira or Bioplastic Body, it does not matter! As we disintegrate the inhuman Psychic Aggregates, as we crystallize Alma, a part of the Vital Body, the highest, will detach itself from the lower part of it and will be fully integrated with the Essence and the virtues that in the Essence Have crystallized. The Vital Body has four kinds of ethers. The first is the Chemical Ether, through which all processes of organic assimilation and elimination, as well as catalytic and other phenomena are performed. The second is the Ether of Life, through which the reproduction and gestation of living beings is possible. These two Ethers are inferior, but there are two superiors: the Light Ether and the Reflecting Ether. The Light Ether is the medium that serves the forces of gravity, the calories, the perceptions, and the Reflecting Ether is related to the imagination and the will. These two Ethers come from the lower two to integrate with the Essence in which all the virtues of the Soul shine. Thus is born the Etheric Man, the Christ Man, the Soul Man, the Spirit Man, who can enter and leave the physical body at will. #love #spiritual #spirituality #trascendence #tryptamine #meditation #peace #chakras #kundalini #truth #wisdom #freedom #vibration #dmt #5MeODMT #ayahuasca #moleculadedios #espiritualidad #despertardelser #libertadespiritual #medicinasagrada #gaia #triptamina #bufoalvarius

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