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Instagram photo by _chenypathi7Real love – brave, pure, genuine love – never involves one person needing another to change. Real love is exactly the opposite; it’s loving every single piece that makes the other person whole. It’s accepting their flaws and insecurities and annoying habits unquestioningly, because those things are just as much a part of them as the things we so desperately love – their humor, their intelligence, their kindness, their confidence, or whatever else pulls us to them. That is how we are truly, deeply wired to love. Anything else that tries to disguise itself as love is not love. Someone asking you to change for them, even if they try to camouflage it as being ‘in your best interest,’ is not in love with you, and they never will be. Even if – especially if – you do change. It doesn’t matter. They are not in love with you. They are in love with the idea of you. They are in love with the person they crafted out of pieces of you – the one who has similarities to you but better suits their needs. If there is a ‘right person’ out there for you, it is someone who will never ask you to change. They may challenge you, they may encourage you to go after something you typically wouldn’t because they believe in you. But they will never ask you to change the very things that make you who you are. They will love you, not their ideal version of you. They will look at your vulnerabilities and only see pathways that will bring you closer together. They will see opportunities to take your closeness to a deeper level than you would go to otherwise. They will love you bravely, purely, genuinely. Because that’s the only way they know how. . ✍ : Kim Quindlen, There Is Someone Out There Who Will Never Ask You To Change For Them . . . . . #firstpicture #writing #words #loveandbeloved #wakeup #mood #me #blackandwhite #bne #monochrome #portrait #daily #photo #smiling #memories #startalloveragain #newinstagram

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