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Instagram photo by jesseveganlamaHow do you see this and not instantly choose to never take part in this ever? Don't fund this! Always speak up. If you ever need to share, remember go to all these Instagram pages mentioned within this post. @Regrann from @vox_silentii - @Regrann from @joannad74 - 🚨🚨 @Regrann // follow ⏭⏭ @exposing_animal_abuse - #sharkfin cruelty happens all over the world , to all different species. Many only take notice of the land animals whilst ignoring the horrors of what happens in our oceans. I recently discovered that once the fins are cut from the sharks , many of them are tossed back into the ocean alive, unable to swim or defend themselves ‼️they are left for dead or to be eaten by other sharks & fish , some also drown because they are unable keep moving to force water through their gills for oxygen . Millions of sharks are killed each year all over the world for their fins , this is also causing a massive effect on their population - sharks play a vital part in the ecosystem & we are driving them into EXTINCTION. Pescatarian is not vegetarian ! You are still funding people to kill innocent beings , please consider vegan ! Sharks , fish and all aquatic animals feel pain too #shark #sharkfinsoup #animalcruelty #animalabuse #extinction #ocean #pescatarian #govegan #vegan #torture #aquaticlife #animalrights #stopfishing #bansharkfinning #sharkfinning #alllivesmatter #animalextinction #betheirvoice - #regrann= > follow @vox_silentii - @jesseveganlama ">#regran @jesseveganlama< /a> - #regrann

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