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Instagram photo by running_krister_alter_schwede"A place where I feel strong" ❤️🇸🇪 When I come to this place I feel like coming home again. Here I spent all my summer as child doing exciting things with father & grandpa. Coming home from a few hours of fishing telling everybody around the kitchen table how big and many fishes we caught. Last time I was here in July 2015 I had just started to run one month earlier. My first though was: I will run around the two lakes tomorrow! Never ever even walked around them before since we always used the boat if you wanted to go to the other side. It would be the absolute longest run that I had ever made... But, this fact did not stop me the next day when I put on my running sneakers after breakfast to enter the dirty gravel road around the lakes. Mother said I could take the bicycle, but got a funny look when I answered "No, I am running!". This run took me 1 hour 27 minutes and 41 seconds. The distance was exactly 11 kilometer and the pace was 7 minutes 58 seconds per kilometer. I didn't have any sport watch or smart phone at that point of time, so all rounds was clocked with the Runtastic App on my Apple Ipad! After this run I learned two things: would be better to have a GPS-device smaller than a tablet and always bring something with you to drink if your round will be over one hour. And one thing more which would change my life... after this run I started to call myself a runner! Part from my grandpa (winter skirunner, gymnastics athletic) my mother told me later, no one else in the family had ever run around the lakes. So, with a BIG smile I was now a runner. Soon to be 46 years old. And with an iPad! 😄 #I ❤️run #bipolardisorder #bipol är #loverunning #runitfast #laufen #älskarlöpning #runningaddict #jagspringer #runforlife #runtoinspire #runspiration #runningismytherapy #runhappy #l øpeglede #l öparglädje #laufliebe #laufenmachtgl ücklich #instarunners #l øpetur #minl øpetur #l øber #marathon #marathontraining #runshots #garminfenix3 #garmin

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