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Instagram photo by pewciepie(ignore irish and dane) I just gotta share this precious piece of information, I am so madly in love with my perfect little toad of a girl, she makes my life so much better and I wouldn't be anywhere if it wasn't for her.. today it's 1 year and 5 months since we first talked.. can you imagine? like to be honest, to me it seems like it was yesterday but also ages ago. it's a weird kinda feeling. I never feel weird or awkward (in a bad way) when talking to her and like we can literally talk about everything and I always feel the need to talk to her even tho I don't really have something to talk about but I always have fun talking to her. I love her so much that saying anything else would be the biggest fucking lie. I am an ass and I do bully her but hey, she bullies me too so I do think that's okay, we both know it's outta love and I like that, I literally love the fact that nowadays we're so smooth and comfortable in our love for each other that it feels like you almost take it for granted? that lowkey freaks me the fuck out tho but at the same time it feels nicer than anything cause like, I know her, she knows me, we basically know how the other one work and we also know the love we have for each other, I don't even make sense explaining this but I'm trying so hard and it will prolly end up as crappy as my damn intro videos (no joke) but eh, it doesn't matter cause all I want to say is that she deserves all the good things in this world and she make me so damn happy, it's almost ridiculous. a year and a half. nobody will ever be able to be as close to me as she is. she have always excepted my weird self. never questioned my random weirdness or strange behaviors, at least not in a bad way and she's always there for me as well as she always has my back if needed. always. I'm not gonna lie, I always have her back too. I have snatched people more than once for acting like idiots towards her and I will do that anytime cause my temper and that kinda bullshit doesn't really walk hand in hand. same goes if you try to hit on her. then you better keep eyes in your damn neck cause I stg I'll come after you and make your life a living hell. (continues in the comments)

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