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Instagram photo by radicalselfloveSome soulful yumminess to set your day in delicious motion. I love this concept of the souls we are meant to meet will always find their way to us and us to them. You can't actually miss each other, it's inevitable you'll cross paths, and there is a lot of liberation and possibility inside of this perspective. It may not be for everyone, but I know for my journey, it's one of the things that has always felt deeply true. Knowing I'll always find the ones I'm meant to means I can relax. It reminds me of how abundant human connections are, and I can get on enjoying my life trusting it's unfolding. Trying to control or strong arm connection only delays it's authentic delivery, or it sets up situations with people that aren't an aligned fit (but ultimately the best teachers) so we can learn to let go of trying to control and instead relax, trust and allow. The more we settle into a full hearted trust of our path and that we can't actually miss the loves we are meant to experience, we can get on enjoying our life moment by moment, day by day, savoring the sweetness of each unfolding. And when timing aligns, we're in the exact position to be open and receptive to loves magic. Yes. All the Yes to this. Mindset and heartset work is essential to trusting this unfolding, so do yourself a solid today and just play with the idea of believing great love is your birthright, challenging the validity of the thoughts rooted in lack, limitation, fear and scarcity and replace them with a thought of possibility on the other end of the spectrum. For in a world of infinite possibilities, a limiting belief is just ONE way of seeing it. Look for another perspective, a more elevated and expansive perspective and notice how that feels. Keep up with that pattern over time and it will shift your habits of thinking, which completely alter the results you experience. Trust the love, it makes all the magic happen.

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