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Instagram photo by fazrigading"Copycats EVERYWHERE" × Criticism post × The reason why I loved is I did inspire other people. What I shot, what I post, they're Positive Vibes. I'm not covering my face with mask, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs like other people do now. I don't start a fight, I don't truant in school. I keep my good attitude for my works, school, and public. • I have a problem and This is my letter for them. Hi there, my copycat. I've been look over Instagram people that either in Kotabangun or Samarinda. I have found some people try'na following what I do, what I write and what I post etc. Just my little letter for you. If you TRYING to copy my style, it just same you're don't have your TALENT from your SOUL. If you feel FORCED to do what I do, if the progress DOESN'T feel natural, DON'T TRYING TO F***ING DO IT. I realized my talent is creating an art, photographing, music etc. And before you, I've STARTED on the BOTTOM, and I've ALWAYS RECEIVE your HATES and SHITS on me. I was NEVER LEAVE my hobby to do this, I doesn't feel bad because you were hating on me. No matter how many my followers, how many likes received, how much HATES and BULLIES to me, I don't really care about that. I just doing that from the bottom with my skills, camera, effort, and soul. BUT NOW WHAT? SEE? YOU JUST COPYING MY STUFF AND FEEDING YOUR EGO FOR LIKES AND FOLLOWERS? SERIOUSLY?! YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DO TO ME? I know your identity, don't try to hide them. Thank you for always hating on my posts and life and maybe in social medias too. Thanks for making me believe on myself. • p.s. I tired because full of this shits that they give on this planet. Sorry, my followers. • #rocks #earthofficial #theoutbound #earthfocus #liveauthentic #theglobewanderer #welltraveled #letsgosomewhere #ourgorgeousearth #wildernessculture #ourplanetdaily #mytinyatlas #lifeofadventure #keepitwild #nakedplanet #earthpix #livewild #exploremore #discoverearth #lifefolk #folkscenery #awesomeearth #adventureculture #allshots_ #neverstopexploring #lonelyplanet

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