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Instagram photo by embastickbootiesOkay, this right here is my rant face 😑 This is going to be straight up real and raw, in ya face kinda thang. STOP putting your energy, your time and your effort into people who do not appreciate you. Stop living to please others. Stop being a follower just because it 'cool' to be like that or do that! Energy is everything. Just stop and think for a second. Think about how much energy you waste worrying what others will think. How much energy you waste trying to get someone's attention. How much energy you waste pretending to be something or someone you're not. And imagine if you put all of that energy into YOU. The real you. You could literally achieve everything you've ever dreamt of. If someone or something makes you feel like shit, if it drains your energy, if it makes you feel worthless, insecure, unhappy GET RID OF IT. Nothing breaks me more than seeing, hearing and watching someone become so broken because of others or situations that are just shit! Find people who love you and appreciate you for who you are and who would never in a million years ask you to change. Find people who's attention you don't have to compete for. Find people who bring energy into your life, who bring happiness and joy. Do things that fill your heart and feed your soul, not matter how quirky they are! And to all those people who bully, bring others down, play people like a yoyo, laugh at people instead of helping or just use people, grow the fuck up. The way you make people feel and the way you treat people seriously has a huge impact on them and their mental health. It can break people and hurt people for life. So think twice before you do shit things! #rant #life #bekind #love #help #support #encourage #mentalhealth #real #raw #truth #health #dontbeshit #notcool

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