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Instagram photo by chief_grand_chakrakeeAnd now for a long overdue spiritual post. Too often do we forget the importance and power that lies with consciously breathing. Without proper breathe, there is no awareness, without awareness ones mind is all but in the present moment. 🌬💓☄🙏🔮 From @conscious_collective ・・・ “At present your awareness is object knowing awareness. Unless you are mentally free from the objects you will not be free in the present moment. Don’t think objects of you just physical, there are inner objects like ideas, beliefs, dogmas, desires, ambitions, craving to become some thing, fears, etc. If you can see the transiency of these objects your mind will be free from these objects and your awareness then becomes pure. Only pure awareness has the capacity to be present in the present moment because it has no distraction towards objects. The harsh reality is that your awareness is continuously distracted by the objects because you are investing some thing in them and so you will never be able to be present in the present moment. All the time you are projecting something from your past experiences which we call mind into the future thus missing the present. Missing the present means you are missing the life because life is always a new flow in the present moment and unless we are with that flow we will not be able to participate in life. At present what we call life is nothing but perpetuation of dead past and we cling to this past because we feel secure in the past because it is known and we are afraid to live life in the “present” which is always new and unknowable. We are all afraid of leaving the known which is like death and we don’t dare to live the unknowable. To live with the unknowable we must first be free of inner and outer objects.” —Suryanarayana Raju" #eatPlantsSaveTheWorld #vegansofnj #njvegan #eastcoastvegans #nogmo #gmofree #gmo #light #truth #wisdom #enlightenment #chakras #chakra #crystal #crystals #monsant #pets #animals #organic #vegan #vegans #vegetarian #nutrition #raw #peace #unity #hapiness #juice #energy

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