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Instagram photo by emery_garcia_artI was asked to create a piece for a church based off the song Gungor: At Sea. As I began to listen to the song and read the words it was as if the lyrics implored me to go inside myself and bring to remembrance past events that I hadn't fully dealt with or understood. Questions that were left unanswered, events in my life that didn't seem to have any meaning. As I began to meditate on what was being said in the song and carefully read the lyrics I found myself learning. I thought I was hired to paint a picture but in actuality God had called me to listen. He used my gift to get my attention, he used my attention to give me a message, and he gave me a message to give to you. The gifts that have been instilled within you aren't for you. They're for everyone else. They have been given to you to manifest and bring to life so that you touch the lives of those around you who are awakened by your creative God given gifts. The gifts that have been instilled within you can only be born if you give them life. There are seeds of creativity inside of you that have not been watered and cared for because we care too much about what others will say and think. Should these seeds die inside of us because of our neighbors opinion of you? Does a seed not have everything inside of it that it needs to bring forth fruit. Inside of one single seed lies generations of infinitely more seeds. And you being a creation of an all knowing God have already been provided within you all that you need to bring forth that which he has called you to accomplish. This means everyone's else's opinions don't matter. Your very existence is permission to be who God called you to be. It's inside of you. I pray purpose and clarity to those who are seeking their gifts amen. #fineart #art #artist #artwork #texture #abstract #abstractart #details #purpose #destiny #god #godhasaplan #aspiretoinspire #gold #goldleaf #water #lighthouse #gungor #la #oc #losangeles #losangelesart #anaheim

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