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Instagram photo by aaron_houckJust saw Patriots Day and it was amazing! I remember seeing the Boston Marathon Bombing on T.V back in April of 2013. It was one of the most tragic events that's ever happened in the history of the U.S involving terrorism. In the past two years our country has been attacked by terrorist several times. We had the Orlando Pulse Nightclub shooting, we had the Boston Marathon Bombing, we had the attack at San Bernardino, and the most recent one at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. Not to forget the ones outside of the United States. There were the Paris, Belgium, Nice, and all of those killed in Syria, Pakistan, Israel and the rest of the world due to terrorism and corruption. We need change and I hope that our country gets the change it needs, along with the rest of the world. I pray for the world I live in because I honestly can say, that for the past 2 years, I can't go out into a public environment without looking for someone suspicious, or thinking of "where am I going to run if someone pulls out a gun or a bomb goes off?" Anymore. It's scary out there because you just don't know what's going to happen now a days, and when it's going to happen. All I can pray for is peace within the world I live in. Prayers for those who've been killed and injured in any act of terrorism. #bostonstrong #prayforsyria #prayfornice #prayfororlando #prayforiraq #prayforgaza #prayfortheworld #prayforbrussels #prayforparis #prayforsanbernardino #prayforworld #prayforbelgium
Instagram photo by itsz.ahraبتذكروا لما كنّا بشر؟ حمص... بتذكروها؟ Do you remember when we were human? Homs... Do you remember? Almost 6 years of a war in Syria. During this whole period not a word has been spoken, not one bit of empathy. Now, that Syria is mostly all liberated and back in the hands of the Syrian government all you see is #PrayForAleppo . What is this generation we live in? DONT turn my country into another bandwagon that people jump on. This is not #PrayForParis or #PrayForBrussels .. Syria has been dying,suffering,bleeding for so many years. Where was everyone's voices when the real war was going on? As a syrian person it hurts me and actually humiliates me to see the world praying for something that should have been prayed for a long time ago. It humiliates me to see people being so brainwashed on what they see on media. It mostly humiliates me to see the lies, the effort and the bullshit that comes out the western media. Why is it the voices of these so called "politicians" are heard yet the voices of REAL syrian people are not heard towards our countries war? We don't want to hear what a stupid bbc journalist who is in Syria has to say, we don't want to listen to these non-Syrians preaching about how bad the Syrian government and president are. Where are my syrian people? Why are our voices not heard? The sad truth is we live in a generation that ignores and blocks out the truth because they are too scared to face the reality. We are so good at hating the ones being oppressed and loving the ones doing the oppressing. Don't be fooled by what you see on the media. الله يساعد بلدي ويرجعها متل كانت من اول وأحلا. 🇸🇾

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