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Instagram photo by 3dactiveproTo #feel #great , here are 6 #tips to #help you be kinder to your hardworking #body . After all, where would you be without it? 1: Think about not only what your body looks like, but what it can do. Find an #activity that makes you feel #powerful , #peaceful , or plain ol’ good in your body, whether it’s the weightlessness of #swimming , the rhythm of Zumba, or the camaraderie of a #walking group. 2: Many #women use “I feel fat,” and men use “I feel soft,” as shorthand for “I feel bad.” Don’t conflate fat or softness with negative feelings. If you feel demoralized, ashamed, vulnerable, or #self-conscious , call it what it is. It’s easier to deal with a feeling directly, rather than through the filters of “fat” and “soft.” 3: Think of your #thoughts as little monsters that keep whispering rude, insensitive things to you: “Your stomach is gross!” “You shouldn’t have eaten that.” “You’re disgusting.” Would you say these things to someone else? Would you say such damaging things to a child? Of course not. Then why the double standard? Stand up for yourself like you’re worth standing up for, because you are. 4: Stop comparing yourself to others. Shame is a terrible #motivator . Limit your exposure to situations that make you feel bad about your body until your body image gets stronger (notice I said your body image—you don’t have to change your body at all, just your perception of it). Walk out of snooty studios or gyms where you feel judged or no one talks to you. Stop buying fashion or fitness magazines that make you feel inadequate. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief. 5: Stop commenting on others’ appearance or eating. It perpetuates a culture of judgment where everyone loses. Say something positive. For example, if you see a large person struggling to jog, just say “Good for her.” Body #image issues lie at the core of eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. It’s not easy to push back against a culture where Kelly Ripa’s arms make headlines. But look around you. Look at everyone, not just the Jolie-Pitts. Chances are, when you broaden your view to see all shapes and sizes of real people, you and your body fit right in.

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