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Instagram photo by dependent_originationClimate change? It's real. The sixth mass extinction? Yep, that's happening too. And why is this happening? Ya guessed it, humans. Now I'm not about to get all woe is us, or even start blaming us humans. Instead, I wanna give us some facts to face that will empower us all to find solutions, because this is our responsibility, to ourselves, to our fellow Animalia and to our fellow human beans, to fight for planet earth. 🐄The leading cause of climate change, contrary to popular belief, is animal agriculture. So why do many companies, even environmental and government organisations, have you believe that our biggest issue is the burning of fossil fuels? Because, as anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, it is easier to change a humans religion than their diet. 🐄Animal agriculture produces 18% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, whilst global transport emissions amount to 13% of GHG emissions. Alternate research by the World Bank found that animal agriculture produces more like 51% of the worlds GHG emissions. 🐄Methane only stays in the atmosphere 12 years, and converting to renewable energy take decades and trillions of $. A change we can make right now to dramatically decrease climate change? Reducing our dependence on the meat and dairy industry and moving towards plant based diets. Some facts from (Cowspiracy is a must watch doco!): 🐖Animal agriculture uses 34-76 trillion gallons of water per year, fracking uses 70-140 billion gallons per year. 🐓In the US, 5% of water consumption is by private homes, 55% is consumed by animal agriculture. 🐏45% of land on earth is covered by livestock = habitat destruction and species extinction. 🐟 2,500 dairy cows produce the same amount of waste as 411,000 people. 🐇Every second 1-2 acres of rainforest are being cleared. 🐃82% of starving children in the world live in countries where food is given to animals that will be eaten by people in developed countries. . . . . #environmentalism #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #globalwarming #vegan #plantpower #plantbased #meatless #dairyfree #animalrights #sustainableliving #mothernature

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