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Instagram photo by hermitcrabbbI wonder what to spend my mental energy on sometimes. Thenvi just end up using it on what feels right. More and more I find myself starting to say something or type something and deciding it is not a priority or worth the effort of explaining something to someone who won't understand it anyway. I believe in an alternative earth model of one kind or another but not necessarily the flat earth model. One way or another the flat earthers are right that something is being hidden along the lines of more land mass and many times more resources than what exists in our pound. The picture on the far right shows more what I have come to think of as the earth. Doesn't have to be an infinite flat plane though, I personally see that we are on the inside of an ever expanding globe of existence and when you look up what you see in the sky at night is the distant light of the other side of the globe. For hollow earth and flat earth theories need be combined. We are on the inside of the supposed hollow earth in this opinion. To all sides of us exist other worlds, similar to multiverse only we can reach any of these worlds essentially by walking if we could survive the deadzones between worlds which is nothing but Antarctic ice. I say all this not to convince you or have an argument but to spur us into thinking of the world in another way. Currently I accept any fictional books system of thinking of the shape of the world than I do the status quo and what they feed us information wise. Is sooner believe we are all on the back of an intergalactic space turtle turtle than we are on a globe spinning around in the ways they claim. Anything is more believable than that once you actually start to research instead of feeling justified in denouncing the flat earth. #conspiracy #truth #truthful #conspiracies #recorded #resources #energy #vibe #vibes #goodvibes #environment #science #random #rational #love light #passion #peace #flatearth #conspiracytheory #flowerpower #floetry #earth #planet #hollowearth #infinite #magick #shaman #hidden #journey #adventure

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