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Instagram photo by hhfitnessOur head coach @heath_herrera is demonstrating an exercise to improve mobility and function based on the Deep Squat Movement, Suspension Trainer Squats (with or without a mini-band) The purpose of this exercise is to improve the patterning of a the squatting action. Start the exercise standing with your feet about shoulder width apart with the suspension trainer handles in your hands. Slowly lower your body to the floor by bending at your knees and moving in a downward fashion as if you were sitting into a chair. Lower slowly and under control. Once you are at 90 degrees or further in the knees, pause for a second and drive your feet through the floor to return to the starting position. This will creat extension in the hips and knees. When adding the the mini-band to the movement you will want make sure the resistance from the band does not cause your knees to cave in (this caving in is known as knee valgus). The use of the mini-band may allow for more glute activation. Perform for total reps or time as indicated in your training plan. A few things to keep in mind as you perform this movement. Keep your core engaged throughout the movement. Keep your spine neutral throughout the movement. Breath in as you lower into the movement and breath out as you extend from the bottom position of the movement. Stop movement if it creates pain. #hhfitness #hhfitnessbootcamps #hhfitnesspersonaltraining #bootcamp #bootcamps #personaltrainer #personaltraining #trainsmarternotharder #correctiveexercise #smtx #sanmarcostx #sanmarcostexas #getfitsanmarcos #txst #texasstate #bobcatnation

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