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Instagram photo by 375rngr - Did you see that sack, dad? #siberianhuskies #patriots #newenglandpatriots #husky #patspets
- Did you see that sack, dad? #siberianhuskies #patriots #newenglandpatriots #husky #patspets
375rngr 375rngr
375rngr - 375rngr @brittany_grace530 thanks for giving us Blount back 😁
brittany_grace530 - Brittany Grace @375rngr no problem! you can have him 😉
xdisembodiedgrlx - amber Well at least your dog is way too cute!!!! That jersey would look better in the garbage though!!
375rngr - 375rngr @xdisembodiedgrlx sounds like the sound of a beaten down Skins fan 😩😂😂😂😂
xdisembodiedgrlx - amber Ha! I'm a Hawk fan 💙💚!! But I very strongly dislike the Pats :) and it just pained me to see such a cute dog in the jersey