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Instagram photo by nikkinovoIf youโ€™ve followed my work long enough, you may know that I was a closet spiritual teacher for a loooong time. I had my reasons, which Iโ€™ll cover with you next Monday, because today I want to talk about you and your calling. So letโ€™s start with what is a spiritual leader. A spiritual leader is someone who feels called to do work that brings people back to their soul, and their soulโ€™s purpose. What blows my mind is how many different ways there is to get to the soul. Everyone has their own journey. Iโ€™ve seen teachers teach through weight loss, dancing, career fulfillment, and energy work. At the end of the day, all of you are trying to bring your audience back to their souls. While some of you know this about yourselves, others of you are in the closet. How do I know? Well, it takes one to know one! I see you at my classes. I see you showing up as creatives. I see you as showing up as bloggers. I see you showing up as psychology majors. I see you showing up as a seeker of truth. Another dead giveaway is your innate interest in the spiritualโ€ฆ in the conversation of God and what this is all really for. You have greater connection then most, yet youโ€™re not really sure if itโ€™s real and if youโ€™re using it correctly. Youโ€™re raw, and I love that about you. While we all have our own timeline, itโ€™s okay to admit to yourself that this is where youโ€™re headed. Maybe youโ€™re not there yet, but thereโ€™s something inside of you that is tugging you into the direction of mystery. All I ask is that you donโ€™t fight it. And at the same time donโ€™t ask it to be clear or show itself in some sort of traditional form. Just keep following it. Keep educating yourself. Find yourself some examples of others doing the same so you can start to believe that itโ€™s possible for you. And then once youโ€™re ready, Iโ€™m here for you. Book a free consultation with me at: and Iโ€™ll get you started. Link to full video in bio ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿป

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