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Instagram photo by camillevandaanAnd the oscar week starts, I will do my best so I can post who I think should win at the Academy Awards this Sunday, there are some movies that I couldn’t find anywhere so I must figure out what to do about those. . . Today I will talk about the nominees for Best Supporting Actress: . . All the nominees did a great job, every single one of them had great and memorable parts, Michelle Williams in Manchester by the Sea makes us feel her pain, and her scenes with Casey Affleck are extremely emotional, she is an amazing actress and a strong contender, although she has won some awards for her performance, sadly, she has been quite ignored this year. . Nicole Kidman plays Sue Brierley in Lion, a woman that adopts a little boy from India, in the movie we can see how she has her happy, exciting moments as well as sad and disappointing ones, she shows her emotions beautifully and is a strong contender as well. . Octavia Spencer plays Dorothy Vaughan in Hidden Figures, a woman working for the NASA that is not only discriminated for being a woman, but also because she is black, and works hard to show that she is like anyone else, Octavia Spencer is the kind of actress that no matter what is her role, she will always find a way to make her character memorable. . And finally we have Naomie Harris and Viola Davis, who I think are the frontrunners here, even though Naomie Harris has been quite ignored, both of them gave unforgettable performances, Naomie Harris as an abusive and alcoholic mother in Moonlight, and Viola Davis as a mother and housewife that has to deal with a complicated man in Fences. . . . Naomie Harris has great potential, it is difficult for her to win since is her first nomination, but I'm sure we will see more of her in the following years, Michelle Williams has a possibility as well, she was for a short time in the movie Manchester by the Sea but every of her scenes were powerful, however, the winner for me is Viola Davis, she has shown us that she is completely talented and can do many different roles, after 3 nominations, I think it's her time to win. . . #academyawards #academyawards2016 #oscars2016 #bestsupportingactress #nominees

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