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Instagram photo by brother_sulley"Why you should eat #locallygrown and #organic , #unprocessed , #preservativefree ." * * * There are of course maaaaany reasons of why you should (and honestly very little if any of why you shouldn't), but I will just list my top personal choices of importance that I always bring up to those who ask for my input! ❤💫 * * * • Simply put, preservatives ARE chemicals. Of your stereotypical chemicals (like weed killers or cleaning detergents) would you ever ingest those? Most likely not. So what's the difference in the ones manufacturers put into processed foods? Read the labels, "ingredients" list... A bag of carrots should be carrots and water (if not just carrots alone.) There shouldn't be any other ingredients for a simple carrot other than 'carrot.' Anything else isn't your veggie, and you are slowly but surely contaminating your body's wellness (as well as your potential children's.) • If you buy from local farmers, you support their small (or large) business and encourage them to keep up their handwork in keeping this planet eco-friendly. By purchasing from them, you keep farmlands and fields green, not covered in soot from a factory. • Buying locally keeps food more fresh and helps to keep its original nutrients locked. How? Less transition from place to place, processing, exposure. Nature's best is fragile as is, but reaps a plethora of strong benefits to the soul. • The food you eat is REAL!!! You'll know exactly what it is you're eating without any doubt or question. • It's really not all that much more expensive than the 'cheaper' alternatives. If you're seriously on a tight budget, canned or frozen goods tend to be cheaper... again, just read the labels. If you don't know what something is (or why something is added to your chosen good), don't buy it! * * * Love with your soul, and your body will love you back. 🌈 * * * [ #chef #culinary #food #vegetarian #vegan #recipe #peta #hippie #boho #bohemian #gypsy #freespirit #goodvibes #buddha #buddhist #buddhism #yoga #chakra #meditation #inspirationalquotes #quotes ]

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