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Instagram photo by oneoceandivingFace to face with a huge school of Jacks so large that it almost blocks out the sun. ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸ๐ŸŸโ˜€๏ธUnfortunately sights like this are becoming harder and harder to find, as industrial fishing fleets often take more than the ocean can sustainably support in order to supply the increasing demand for protein of an exponentially growing human population. #EatLessMeat #MeatlessMondays Many sharks are also caught unintentionally in these fisheries as #bycatch . 53% of the worldโ€™s fisheries are fully exploited, and 32% are overexploited, depleted, or recovering from depletion (FAO 2016). The removal of sharks and other apex predators from the ecosystem can further exacerbate these declines, and can result in unpredictable or unforeseen consequences. Intuitively one might think less predators would result in an increase in prey populations, but itโ€™s not that straightforward. Sharks act as the white blood cells of the sea, picking off the weak, sick and overpopulated controlling trophic levels below them. Without their presence disease can spread throughout the entire school, or animals lower on the food chain can multiply without top down control leading to the depletion of resources. There is actually a very close correlation between the presence of sharks and healthy fish stocks. Healthy oceans have healthy shark populations! #HelpSaveSharks #WorthMoreAlive Want to learn more about sharks or adoption visit our website: OneOceanDiving.com <http://oneoceandiving.com>> & JOIN US in the water in #Hawaii on #Oahu โ€™s #NorthShore to #SwimWithSharks and #DiveWithSharksInHawaii with a @OneOceanDiving trained #MarineBiologist / #SharkSafetyDiver Check out our #Shark and #MarineResearch @OneOceanResearch and our outreach program @OneOceanEducation #LearnAboutSharks and our Non-Profit @WaterInspired conservation group and Founders: @Juansharks and @Oceanicramsey Want to join the team? Become a @OneOceanGlobal Ambassador Looking to support in other ways? Check out our not-for-profit marine conservation awareness apparel and gifts @OneOceanDesigns or at www.HawaiiSharkDiver.Com < Mahalo and Thank you for Supporting #InternationalSharkProject #HawaiiSharkCount #SharkResearch #Ocean

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