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Instagram photo by ese2coolTURN COSMETICS INTO MONEY START YOUR OWN BEAUTY BUSINESS WITH AS LOW AS 14K OR 25K . Hello friends! Here is my Mentors Success story>>> "When I launched my Oriflame beauty business I never had #3000 to register, had to call on someone owing me money to pay up,I did my registration, also with a friend I told about the business who believed in me immediately. After registering, I was told to order 200bonus point worth #21000 ,😀. I was briefed how to run & grow the business; that is about showing your catalogue and let people place order which I did, showed my catalogue and got orders, by the end of September,I closed @ 6% & earned #2988 .60, October I did 15% > earned #30450 . November I became a senior manager in Oriflame Sweden and was paid #94000 +. In December I became a director and earned #133000 +. In the month of May, I was given my first Oriflame Sweden cash award of #150000 aside my monthly pay. Since then, have collected #300000 , #450000 , and #600000 loading 💰💰 My friends, after my 4years working with Airtel Nigeria, my payoff was #345000 but in a month that is in the month of May, my income was #209000 + #150000 cash award= #359000 in total and at that point, I made up my mind to give all my best to Oriflame Sweden because it's worth all my time & resources!!!!..." Now,its no longer about me, but ready to help and grow others. My question for all is, what is your plan for  2017, February is winding up? 👉🏼If you were asked to run a business for a period of 3yrs and at about your 2nd and 3rd year you will be earning about #450000 to #1000 ,000 or more monthly, without shop rent, staff salaries, tax and other expenses... would you consider giving that business your attention? I guess you answered YES!!! #Note: Work is required oo💯. Not by just waiting for help are your own help in this case,but believe me it's worth it ✌✌✌ It's not a get Rich -quick scheme but a way to grow your little capital starting the small way RECESSION OR NO RECESSION!!! It's time to take responsibility so you don't become a liability.... TAKE ACTION AND CONTACT ME NOW VIA #08064724469 to join our #FREE whatsapp training session ...

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