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Instagram photo by audreyalison_astrologytarot🕊Queen of Pentacles🕊 This beasty is a treasured deck to me coming from the hands of Ludy Lescot ☥ in the heart ♡ of the French Quarter ⚜. As Ludy might say, 'The notes that follow are like matches in the night. Don't burn your fingers.' ➰Upon entering the den of Marie Laveaux, I spotted a glowing purple ankh on the cover of Ludy's work immediately. Although I've been up in that Quarter many summers now, I was drawn to this #tarotdeck at it's perfect time as I chose to use it for a client session in their #NOLA home that evening. In doing so, the deck is pure #magic .🔮She has combined a warm, hospitable elegance from the Garden District w/the darkness from fog-filled crevices of haunted alleyways that Anne Rice would suggest naiveté avoids wandering. As any Priestess would, Madame Lescot tended to this deck as night-crawlers do the ✠Lafayette Cemetery✠ past midnight - persistently + with reckless abandon. A line or two of her poetry is matched with each depiction. It's a unique stunner + I had to pay homage to her. And today, I chose to rep the #QueenofCoins . ✪ 👑✪ In conjunction w/our #VernalEquinox , this card is governed by Venus ♀ + represents the Earth signs of Taurus ♉︎, Virgo ♍︎+ Capricorn♑︎. The suit of Coins represents what is tangible. The Level of #Queendome suggests a Level of Mastery w/what the client has acquired + w/their progressed skill set. Success, security, grounding financial stability + blooming prosperity in the timeframe of Spring could be denoted when this card arrives. She looks calm to me. So calm that homegirl has her feet propped up on a velvet pillow.💅🏼🌬🌸 She is focused on what will develop from her efforts, w/sweet due time, in the palm of her hand aka bankroll. There is a certain je ne sais quoi to this Queen of Finessing. She has nurtured her garden + awaits full bloom. Will she chill in her chair the final 3 weeks of the Astrological Year? Will she spend some of that $ + travel before getting to work on 3/20? Will she donate a healthy amount to charity? Whatever The Queen decides to do, one thing is as consistent as sunrise - her position. ~xxAA ☽♡☾🕊🕯✨ (Crystal + talisman info in comments below!) ⬇️⬇️⬇️

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