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Instagram photo by _sunflower_lavenderWithin you is the light of a thousands Suns, never realized how powerful some quotes are than others until I started practicing mastering myself, the beauty, the knowledge, the love, the honor, the wisdom you seek is within as it will always be within love you and all the other things will fall into place! I'm starting to isolate myself away from things and people, I need and needed this sacred place within myself to be still so I could listen, and eventually fly, some days I catch myself dancing like how I did when I was a child, I hear my singing, the birds, nature and the butterflies, man the butterflies and blue jays how I've seen so many of you since gma passing, thank you all for your love, energy and beauty, you all are beautiful and needed! So many things the Universe is letting me know and show me that I'm finding my inner child, inner being, inner warrior, inner God again...what a beautiful process, yes I thought I was the Rose that grew from the concrete but I'm not that, I'm the Lotus, the beauty within all things that have been dark, unloved, scared, lonely, but somehow have learn to swim, to float and know in the end their is nothing greater than LOVE, I've blossom and I'm continuing to grow and seek, I'm the lotus from the darkness that was more beautiful than I could ever imagine! Thank you 3x to the Universe, to the higher self, to this body, this mind, and this soul! And big shoutout to the cards life dealt me without you I don't think I'd be as much as I AM! Namaste 🕉So invest in yourself, and once you master yourself you can master anything! Love and light to you all! #namaste #universallov #lotus #o #oneness #lov #seek 🌻💫

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