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Instagram photo by walkboldFive reasons I committed to Young Living Business: 1. I grew up welfare and food stamps in a world where you are just survival mode ALL the TIME. I knew I had to change how I thought and what I did to get different results. Taking a huge risk, was the best way to get out of a world dominated by fear! 2. I was much too gifted to stay poor. Poor is first a mentality. You hold back, you cut corners, and you think of you. (Selfishness) God has been teaching me that his kids don't think that way, we look for ways to create wealth, to pour into others, and to enhance the people around us. (Selflessness) 3. My 3 boys. What kind of legacy did I want to leave my sons. A mom who was too prideful to leap because she was a afraid of what other people would think. A mom who didn't have the guts to just go for it. A mom who stayed small, thought small, and stayed in survival mode. No thank you! **when you realize the life that you are missing living under a poverty mentality, you get violent against it. It stop with me. 3. Fear is not my cup of tea. Lately, in the past 3 years, I have taken a journey where if I am afraid of it, I talk with Jesus and desire to face it head on! Fear are chains on my feet, duck tape on my mouth, and a noose around my neck. I will not let fear stop me from living LIFE, creating wealth and leaving a legacy for my kids kids. 4. I didn't have time to go back to school nor the want to. I already accrued school debt, and to invest four years back into school for a new degree that may or may not secure financial freedom while accruing MORE SUFFOCATING DEBT seemed downright stupid next to the option of starting my own business with Young living and having financial freedom within 4 short years, while making my own schedule, stewarding my own time, being my own boss, learning things about life and business hands on, pouring into people and there dreams giving them a way out of the never ending poverty cycle they were stuck in... now that sounded more like freedom and empowerment and the adventure I wanted to commit to!! 5. Because essential oils permeated every part of my life!! Kids, work, husband, friends, I saw it changing the people I love. 💛

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