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Instagram photo by emmasaraiwhitesideAs a child I often had an impulse to destroy things and then feel terrible about it later. I was also really clumsy-- that hasn't changed 🙃😉-- so perhaps a subconscious need to break things also. But whenever I would get upset over my sister stealing my toys, or when I or someone else broke something (especially pretty things, that was the worst!) I would be very upset and cry-- and take the side of the object, since it couldn't speak for itself, against the other person involved. And my mother would always say: "People before things." This was really useful for me because at the time I found the things were more simple than the nebulous masses of emotions and thoughts and ideas that were people-- so they felt less difficult to relate to. But this valuable lesson did have an unintended result-- and for awhile I associated this guilt of having broken something or wrongly siding against someone with wanting things, and felt that it was bad, because I was valuing things at all, regardless of context and whether or not it had anything to do with people. I think this is a common way to block abundance unintentionally. It's okay to want stuff! We live within a physical existence too! These two pages are the pages of my art journal I have reserved for the imagination manifestation of lovely items. I add more colors onto the rainbow miasma that represents the universe on the left, feeling into gratitude and abundance, whilst happily dreaming on the right 🌝. #artjournal #wishlist #manifestation #stuff #things #peoplebeforethings #abundance #universe #clearing #energy #happy #moleskine #wishing #dreaming #fun #list #itsokay #authenticity #basic #thisiswhywecanhavenicethings #nicethings #journal #conscious #oldpatterns #clearing #abundance #theuniverse #allowing

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