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Instagram photo by sydneandjoelHello Friends, meet Maxwell. Today was a milestone for our business! For those of you who don't know our story, Joel & I met in high school. We attended a private art school, and bonded in our photography and yearbook classes. Our teacher (still to date referred to as "jOnes!" in our household) had one of the most profound impacts on who I am as an artist, and on who we grew to be as a couple, and I don't think he even knew it. Mr. Jones was an incredible artist, husband, and father, turned photographer. He showed us that sometimes, you have to embrace your skills and take the jump in Faith that you'll figure the flying part out on the way down. Among the many lessons we absorbed in our time with him was 1 point he successfully brainwashed into me (over many long, stubborn debates with an adamant 15-17 year old, whose dad worked for HP) -- Apple was THE option for artists. After 3 years of training me on them (and patience as I managed to freeze multiple macs at once), he had me sold. My first Macbook lasted years longer than it should've with the amount of RAW files I dumped on it; but as its inevitable demise became eminent, we settled for a less photo-oriented option (for real, what young, new parents who closed their photo business have the budget for this shenanigans?) as I dove into what is now known as 'my real estate experiment". It's been years since I detoured away from the one thing that made my heart sing, & years thinking I'd never be able to prioritize this kind of investment. But Joel has the most hard working, determined, whatever-it-takes personality that I've ever seen. When I decided that I was going to recommit to my WHY in 2017, he buckled down, & has blessed me with everything I could possibly need to fulfill that 12 year vision. Enter this Mac...which made me cry when it turned on. To me, this represents the tangible return to who I am, and to the mission God set in my heart before I knew what having a calling meant. Since none of this would be possible without my incredible warrior hubby, I decided to name the Mac after his favorite author, John Maxwell 😜 Plus, Maxwell the Mac has a good ring to it, doesn't it?

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