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Instagram photo by chakra.barSatNam beautiful good vibe tribe ✌🏽️ Self love is an interesting and beautiful thing. Begin in the mirror, accepting your truth, and confronting that ego and that shadow self. They won't go away, but with practice they will merely be a spectator to the divinity that is within you, that IS you. They'll chime in, and try to force their will upon you, but because you love yourself enough, you can discern those thoughts from your own. Negativity is born in the gaps where L❤️✌🏽️E has been excluded and left out. Those gaps happen in places where we are afraid to see ourselves, and our truth. We are all spiritual beings of light having this human experience. It all begins with self love. Self love ❤️ is not the love of the personality or ego self. It's more so when we have a deep knowing that we are completely loved and completely lovable, then the universe will mirror this love. Become the qualities that you seek in another, whether it be friends, lovers, heroes. Be inspired towards #authenicity . Each one of you are YOUnique, you bring to the table something nobody else can, beautiful thought isn't it? Spread the live today & every day, but start with yourself! Self care practices such as a beautiful salt bath, a hike or being in nature, #treatyoself with a compliment today, focus on what you're doing right. #Selflove is being served at the #awareness #truth #ascension #loveyourself #selflove #spirituality #meditation #divine #truth #knowyourworth #higherconsciousness #consciousness #smile #spreadlove #goodvibes #selfmastery #awakening #heartchakra #chakra #kundalini #mindfulness #energy #reiki
Instagram photo by folknfableThis is my permission slip! I have receded + decided to give myself February off! Though I wish I had decided this at the beginning of the month. . Being a first time school mama, I had been anticipating this season for a while now. I knew our schedule would change, but overall, I had assumed that regardless the details I would have more time. And I would use that time to do more work. . Oh me oh my... what a surprise I received! Work, school, swimming + ballet were a first wake up call. Then there are the early transitional picks up, no Wednesday classes, a student free day, and a sick day. Then there were the emotional out-workings that come with significant change; my artling slept even lighter, woke even earlier, and ate even less. But thankfully was so excited + loves being at school, which was a blessing + relief. . . But I holler, for those first time school parent folk, especially the single variety, or for those coming up in 2018 >>>> . Please go g e n t l y with yourself. . I excepted to accelerate as soon as school started but it wasn't physically possible. I've had to roll with it, rest + readjust. And trust that a new rhythm will emerge without force + striving. . Have you had to adjust your #expectations this school season? I'd love to know? . 📸 by @woodnotephotography. . #motherhood #womenswellness #yourbestself #support #singleparent #creativepreneur #mama #motheranddaughter #workingmom #ingersmelbourne #school #prep #newseason #kidsofinstagram #bnw

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