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Instagram photo by priyanka_hasijaThere is much more to life than him. You are on this beautiful planet and you don't deserve to spend your days crying over him. Instead be alive and watch the magic of the world spill into your life. Yes, if you believe enough, the magic will entire your life. Smile on rainy days and then dance to the slow pitter patter while baking warm treats . Explore places. Lose yourself in narrow lanes and learn why the old lady combs her hair so much or why little Lila loves hiding her mom's bindi. Watch sunsets with strangers, miss a train,spend the night making love under the stars. The world has too much to show but like humans it doesn't show off.You need to be willing enough to let it show you its beauty and believe me young traveler, you will find your jaw open most of the time. Be your own hero. Writers and poets like me will tell you that someone will come and save you, maybe someone really will. But do you really want to spend your life crying until someone decides to hand you a tissue? You are too beautiful to be filled with so many worries. Take risks. Step out of your comfort zone. Pick yourself up when you fall. You can either gain sympathy or admiration from people and darling, you are too wonderful to be a sad story. Create. Spend your thursday nights turning words into stories, emotions into lyrics, thoughts into colors. You don't need a guy to make you feel good when you are stressed. Instead do what you love and don't forget to wear that bright smile. If the universe has blessed you with talent, give something back to it. Spend time with people who matter. Go for a run with your dad. Tickle your best friend and click pictures of her when she laughs. Give belly rubs to your pets. Dance with your little sister at 2 am. You don't need a special someone to make your life beautiful. Appreciate the people you have in your life and be grateful to be so lucky. Years from now, you'll be sipping sweet tea with your love at 7 am while the kids are arguing over which cartoon to watch. Life will bring love in your life when you are ready for it. For now, fall in love with this beautiful mess you call life and show the world that happiness isn't found, it is created.

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