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Instagram photo by lennygirlThis special place always know how to calm my troubled heart. Recently, I've been longing for things of the past- I miss Idaho, I miss my friends, my old apartment, AFY, my old coworkers... the list goes on. I've been missing them because all of those things were my "comfort blanket". They made me feel safe. But here I've been trudging along in this new adventure in Arizona and I've felt this overwhelming feeling of loneliness. It seems the Gilbert O' Sullivan song "Alone Again, Naturally" frequents my mind most days because I can relate to it. Feeling like I have no friends anymore. Feeling like my college education wasn't worth anything. Feeling too old to be uncertain of what I want to do with my life. BUT THAT'S OKAY. Because as soon as I step onto these grounds all my troubles leave my head and I am comforted with a familiar voice reminding me He IS there and ever aware of my stupid little thoughts that cloud my head! I step inside these doors and I am wrapped with a different yet familiar comfort blanket. Knowing He will never leave me. Knowing that even if I feel like I don't have any friends, I can always count on Him. Knowing that He won't let me do anything stupid with my life. Knowing that I am right where I need to be- like I've been told time and time again since I moved down here. This feeling of "starting from scratch" is hard- one of the hardest times in my life that I've had. But I'm still learning and growing from all these experiences it has presented me- like my car breaking down, my sister being in the hospital, living out of my car for 3 weeks, switching positions at work, 2 flat tires, and this crippling pain in my knee that seems to not get better. I would never have wished any of these experiences to happen, but looking back on what I've learned... I wouldn't trade them for the world. They have made me ME. #arizona #mesa #temple #onedayatatime #imabigkidnow #adultingisstillhard #justkeepsmiling #icandohardthings

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