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Instagram photo by trainwithnushWe've all been there. When trying to grow, we oh so desperately try to hold on to that waistline and give it every effort to make sure it doesn't start to increase... ...but you're trying to grow? I've been guilty of this in the past. Throwing in cardio to try and stay lean whilst you try and grow thinking it will help keep that body fat down. A 'lean bulk' perhaps? Well here's the situation... It can be pretty counterproductive. When you're trying to grow, you need to be eating a surplus of calories. A sensible surplus I might add. You require you're weight to increase. You need to be open to the fact that some of this weight won't be muscle tissue (for most of us at least). Studies suggest for those that have trained for more than a few years, 4lbs of muscle in a year may be the most you could look to put on! (depressing right!?) Train hard for the next 5 years though and that's 20lbs of solid muscle. Although not exact numbers for each of us, it starts to put it in perspective doesn't it? Keeping in the cardio for fat loss purposes will just increase the amount of calories you require to grow. Meaning you need to eat more to develop any new muscle. If you eat this extra food then fine. But you've got to ask yourself why the cardio is in there? If you enjoy it or like the routine of it and continue to eat a surplus of calories then that's perfectly fine. If it's in the form of sport that you do recreationally or competitively, again, perfectly fine. If you do it for general cardiovascular health and still eat enough to grow, go for it. But... ...if you do it to stay lean or lose fat whilst training to grow new muscle, then you're asking to sit in a plateau until we commit to one particular goal. One goal for that phase of your training at least. Building the body you want generally takes several phases of training. Some of these phases will be with the sole focus of dropping body fat and maintaining muscle tissue. Others, to grow new muscle. Pick one and go get it. #trainwithnush #training #nutrition #coaching #grow #muscle #workout #gym #fitness #lift #cardio #results #progress #lean #abs #build #mass #help #advice #coach

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