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Photos and video with hashtag #makeupmemories


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Instagram photo by makeupstash - I Nuovi MAC-squerade.
- I Nuovi MAC-squerade.
makeupstash makeupstash
parisbmws - Paris B (MWS) Gosh that's a brand I haven't heard in ages
makeupstash - Mag @parisbmws #makeupmemories!
voguemom - Q.Laila @makeupstash oh much is the Mac pallette?
makeupstash - Mag @voguemom The insert is S$15 and the palette is S$40, if I recall correctly.
zheedashahar - Zaheeda Shahar @makeupstash so expensive their new palette, their old ones used to be just $25.
makeupstash - Mag @zheedashahar And they feel heavier too!
makeupaddict1983 - makeup hoarder New palette is thicker n takes up more space tok..
makeupaddict1983 - makeup hoarder Although it looks nicer