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Instagram photo by theruggedhomeblogSo see this little wee bottle? This little guy is called "Bergamot". It's one of the first oils I bought after I purchased my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living last may. It has the most amazing benefits & still to this day, my go to oil. We had a giant snow storm last week & we couldn't even get out of our home. That with trouble getting into see my doctor I was without my anxiety medication for 6 whole days. I'm on a pretty low dose, but if you've ever experienced withdrawal symptoms from not being on an anxiety medication that boosts your serotonin it's quite painful. You feel like you have the flu, have intense headaches, constantly feel like you have to vomit and on top of that, you get these weird "pings" in your head. I decided to start using my Bergamot as well as peppermint while this was all going on. It was amazing to see the pain lessen and sometimes even go away for a while when using Bergamot. I rolled on my big toe, behind my ears and at the base of my neck. Also when my headaches were intense, I would put peppermint on my temples & top of palate. It's AMAZING for aiding in levelling out your hormone levels & seratonine. I'm now back on my medication, but I will be slowly weaning off them as I know now how valuable & EFFECTIVE these oils are. I mean, that is incredible right? Bergamot, which is distilled from the earth can help my body without chemicals changing me & numbing me. I always am so amazed when my oils work so well for me.. I have no idea why since we've had so many amazing moments like this over the last 10 months, but I still get surprised every time when a oil acts like a miracle. ................. For the next two days I'll be giving away a free Bergamot if you buy a Premium Starter Kit from Young Living. Let's be oil besties

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