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Instagram photo by hephzibahkioharryIt's not just my heart... it is my God that won't let me give yp. I want someone to be encouraged today. A couple of days back, I was talking to a friend about hardships and trials.. I told her that sometimes God makes you go through pain that has nothing to do with you..but just so that He can use you as His vessel. We talked and I said, yes even though you are using me Lord, please just know that it is painful..Lord it is painful. God heard me. Truth be told, many times you will want to just give up and say what's the point because it seems like misery is not your prayers are not being answered, like you are left behind... maybe all your mates are doing well or having the life you so desire and it seems like okay Lord, how many years now. Listen, you can't give up. ***** The truth is, God won't even let you give up..because He needs you. Don't be discouraged when life is not looking like what God told you it is meant to be..but just know today that it's not up to's not up to your present circumstance but it's about God's timing. I will throw more light on this message tomorrow. It's a message I have shared with a few and God is leasing me to share it with you too. However, this message is for someone who feels like life is too hard, you are tired..hahaha..I'm laughing because I feel you.. listen you have no choice but to hang in there. GOD WILL NOT even let you give up. ***** HE revived me yesterday so that I can revive you too. God heard my cry ..He saw how deep I drew from the well of my soul and He answered. I felt like I had no reason to praise God yesterday but I love God so much I can't be in His presence and not show Him how much I love Him. The bible says in all things give thanks. He gave me the grace to dance and worship Him despite my storm. I didn't even care because I know that God is still God in the bad times. He will never be undeserving of my praise. ******* When prayer fails, praise will never fail. And even if all you will have after praise is renewed hope, I tell that is as much a big Testimony as any other..if not bigger. So cheer up and gear up. Fight the food fight of faith!

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