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Instagram photo by amonkiiHome made ricotta. Made from fresh raw local milk. Contrary to what you may have heard about dairy, the real truth is that raw, farm fresh non homogenized, non pasteurized raw dairy is a superfood most bodies love. Step one to proper digestion is proper metabolization, which require foods that are a biochemical match to our biology. Food that comes from nature, not man, is typically biologically matched with our body, considering our body IS nature. Yes, it is true every body is unique, and some may not tolerate it due to genetic history. However, most can tolerate it if raw and from jersey cows (Holstein cow's milk contain a modified casein protein, brown cows are the traditional breed). For those who do, raw dairy has been proven to protect against many allergies and other immune issues. It contains an abundance of healthy bacteria, fat soluble vitamins and promotes IFG-1, which is proven anti aging. I can understand how milk became a debate, but not all milk is made equally - it is industrial farmed, ultra pasteurized, grain fed dairy that IS NOT biochemically compatible with our bodies. In other words, our bodies cannot metabolize these adulterated nutrients and toxic addictive. It wasn't until factory farming that we created "lactose intolerant", which is basically the inability to digest milk sugar, due to lack of the enzyme lactase that digests it, otherwise present in raw milk. When your body does not recognize the compromised ingredients in pasteurized milk it creates an immune response. Why pasteurized at all? Because it creates a longer shelf life so that big companies can make more money. In my new upcoming book @nicksfit and I will share a lot more facts and wisdom on this subject. This book is not just about recipes but a complete lifestyle makeover. I want to inspire you all to get back to your roots. It's not as hard as it seems to make everything from scratch, plus think about what your supporting when you buy patched good at the grocery store verses farm fresh ingredients to play with at home? I use ricotta in a. Aren't of recipes in the book such as blueberry buttermilk pancakes and fresh toasted sourdough bread with aged balsamicπŸ‘πŸΌ

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