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Instagram photo by aeternal_fitness1) Eating small meals throughout the day will keep the metabolism burning higher. . False, there is no evidence that eating small meals has any difference to larger meals – it is simply down to personal preference. . 2) Eating lots of protein in bad for the kidneys. . Again, not entirely true. Eating large quantities of protein may cause an issue if you have a kidney problem, but in healthy individuals no evidence of damage is reported. . 3) Fats make you fat. . Fats are an integral part of our diet and are needed to regulate hormones. A gram of fat is slightly higher in calories (9 calories) than protein or carbohydrates (4 calories), but it will not make you fat. . 4) Carbs make you fat. . Carbohydrates on their own cannot make you fat, but it is very easy to over indulge in these foods and therefore overeat on our calories for the day. . 5) A detox will help me to lose weight. . Maybe initially, but over the course of a long time these will most likely be ineffective. Many of these products do not have enough evidence to support them working. If your liver and kidney function well, that is all the systems you need to detoxify your body. . 6) If I don’t eat anything after a set time I won’t gain any weight. . Regardless of the time you are eating, if you are eating over your calories for the day – you will gain weight. Your body does not know that you are eating after 6pm, or 10pm – if you are burning off more energy than you are consuming – YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT. . Don't be blindsided by clever marketing and let these common misconceptions fool you! Simply follow evidence based practice to make your nutrition game successful! . Antonio - Aeternal Fitness Coach.

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