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Instagram photo by n.r.collins.writingThis post will be referring to the piece I posted yesterday titled, "December 19th", so if you haven't read it yet please do so before reading this. When I tried posting yesterday I was surprised to find that I had reached the instagram word limit so I had no room to space out the paragraphs, no place to leave my signature, and most importantly no room to leave an explanation. I didn't have much to say in the explanation, but it still needed to be there because there was some things I wanted to address. "December 19th" started as one of those random pieces that came out of nowhere. I was already working on an upcoming piece called "Wastelands" so the introduction of "December 19th" only impeded on the progress of that piece. Nonetheless, I decided to see "December 19th" to completion because I was still attached to emotions not yet forgotten. As I continued to put effort into "December 19th", I realized it had the potential to be one of the better pieces I have written. Then my thought process changed when I got to my response in the piece. The way I had written it felt wrong. It was no longer relatable and it was almost immature in a way. However, what I had there worked so well and I liked how it sounded so I left it there. If I was to ever rewrite the piece then I would change it and make it more realistic. For now I can just view it as another work of fiction. Something else I wanted to address was the switching between prose and rhyme. I wanted to make the piece sound good, but I didn't want to rely on rhyming all the time. So this piece was more of an experimentation than anything. It gives me some good ideas for future pieces. The last thing I want to say is that I could possibly write a short story out "December 19th". There's enough material there to work with. It's just a matter of finding the time to work on it. I took a break from Sleepwalker for a week, but now I'm returning to working on it. I'm still working on that piece, "Wastelands", which should be done by the end of the week. I don't have much else to say so I think I'll end it here. Thanks for reading and see you soon! - N. R. Collins

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