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Instagram photo by therealmcbrideI love getting messages hearing about how you are doing with your workouts. One message I got recently was from someone who said that he really wanted to get in shape so people will like him more. I really admire his honesty and courage sharing that with someone he hadn't met before. Also, I feel sad that we live in a world where that message exists. At first I wanted to say, "drop those jerks that make you feel like you need to look a certain way to earn their approval." But then I thought, it's not that easy. Sometimes we keep negative influences around because we are afraid of a worse alternative, being alone. And I can identify with what he was feeling a well. I remember as a kid feeling that I wasn't enough because of being short, so I compensated by focusing on skills I could control like music and academics. I literally thought, "One day when I'm really good at music, people will like and respect me." What I didn't realize in those moments were two things. 1. Most people are too insecure themselves to really pay much attention to my insecurities. So instead of us all huddling in our own separate pity parties, the one who reaches out in friendship first can break down those walls. 2. There will never be an "enough" if I say that I'll accept myself when I'm ________ enough. So why not begin a two-pronged approach of increasing whatever skills give joy AND being a kinder friend to myself now. If you've felt like you aren't enough as well, know that you're not alone. Let's work on this together. Also I'm curious, how would YOU respond to that message? ⭐️

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