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Instagram photo by haydnlikesmoviesOscars 2017 Reactions So. The Oscars were on last night and it was interesting per say. I got think 21/24 correct I'm not sure, but there's a lot to talk about so let's cut the chase. First off to get it out of the way, the way they handled the Best Picture category really pissed off. You all know the race was going to be between La La Land and Moonlight and if one of them was going win, I wouldn't complain online unlike some people will. So I heard La La Land, I got so happy that it won (as it was my personal pick to win) and I was ready to sleep peacefully and happily. But when I was about to place La La Land over American Beauty as my favorite Best Picture winner, they pulled a Steve Harvey and said "Oh wait La La Land, you're not the winner. It was Moonlight that was the winner." Then I left with such a blank stare on what the hell I just watched as well with the majority of those who were watching these awards as well. Now before anyone attacks me, let me point out that I'm with the majority of the cinephile community that Moonlight is such a fantastic film and I think it's an important film for our time not just on a filmmaking standard, but it's themes about race, sexuality, and finding your inner self speaks home to so many people that it will be remembered for years to come (especially being big issues in our current day society). But the fact they had to pull stunt like that really pissed me off. Once again, I'm super happy for Moonlight, Barry Jenkins, and the whole cast and crew for their win (as well as the million people who love the film and think it's the best film of the year or all time or whatever), I just the academy didn't had to pull such a stupid act like that. Plus I knew that was going to win, so I didn't get mad at the winner. I guess the Best Picture flip flop made people forgot that Suicide Squad is now an Oscar winner. Yeah. That happened in this world. Let that sink in. Sure the makeup in the film was fine (guess one of the few positives the dumpster fire had), but the fact that a film like Suicide Squad won an Oscar over tons of brilliant films that didn't even win a single Oscar is so frustrating that I would gladly re watch

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