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Instagram photo by parissimmerDiego's POV . She admitted it... She told the truth this time, but of course it hurt. It hurt so bad... She had been trying to find better somewhere else, maybe she was not satisfied with me. Now I was still in love with her, but not ready to forgive her yet. I wanted her to pay for this... She walked toward me again, begging me. . Julia : Please Diego don't leave me, I love you ! *She fell down to her knees* . Diego : I didn't say I wanted to leave you. Now get up from there. . Julia : I would do anything for your forgiveness... *She said desperate* . Diego : Anything ? . Julia : Yes... . Diego : Who was it ? . Julia : Diego... . Diego : *really mad* You said anything now tell me ! I want to know who's been fucking my fiancee behind my back ! . Julia : I think it's better for you to ignore that... It would be too much stress for you really... You don't need to know... . I stared at her, mad. I wanted to know and I wanted her to tell me, but I knew that if she didn't I had an other option. The phone number Chris gave me earlier, I was going to contact him for sure. I needed to know everything now that I knew the truth ! I was mad, but I saw that Julia was desperatly sad. . Diego : *calmer* I can't forgive you yet. But be assured that I'm still in love with you. . Julia : *Getting up* I know, and I love you too... You're the only one I love. . Diego : Proove it. . Julia stared at me, she didn't know what to say or do. In this situation it was not easy to guess what to do, but all this nervousness and hate had to be evacuated somehow. Staring at her too I got an idea, she was so beautiful as always, and so sexy. Her body was calling me again. I got closer, grabbed her waist and kissed her. She was surprised obviously but she didn't know I was going to make her pay... . #sims4 #thesims4 #eagames #ea #sims #gaming #simsfamily #thesims #simstory #simsdrama #simslove #sims4cc #like4like #windenburg #simming #simmer #simmers #sims4cityliving #sims4gettogether #legacy #simstagram #sanmyshuno #cityliving #gamer #thesimsstories #simsstories #sims4rp
Instagram photo by parissimmerJulia's POV . I waited for Diego at home, I needed to talk to him seriously. Now I was pregnant, and all I wanted was this baby to be Diego's baby. But I was unsure... I couldn't be and now I would need to take a DNA test to be sure. But I wouldn't tell him about the baby yet because it couldn't be noticed. I wanted to apologize to Diego. . Julia : Diego, finally you're here. *I said rushing to him* . Diego : Yeah, I was out for a walk. . Julia : I hope it was relaxing... Diego look, I wanted to apologize for how I behaved lately... I'm so sorry about that. . Diego : I don't care. . Julia : Babe... . Diego : *mad* Don't call me like this, all I wanted was you to tell the truth ! And you denied this. . Julia : I know Diego I'm so sorry... That's why I wanted to talk to you now... *really embarassed* . Diego : Talk ! I'm listening. . Julia : Okay... It's true, I was seeing someone else... *tears* . Diego : Why are you crying ? It was your choice not mine ! . Julia : Diego please... I know it was a mistake... *crying* . Diego : *trying to be calm* For how long have you been seeing each others ? . Julia : A few months... But I broke up Diego, please forgive me ! *crying* . Diego : Have you slept with him ? . Julia : What ? . Diego : *angry* HAVE YOU SLEPT WITH HIM YES OR NO ?! . Julia : ........... *I stepped back*..... Yes.... . Diego : I knew it ! *He started to walk away* . Julia : Diego please ! I broke up ! I love you ! . Diego stopped but didn't turn around. Yes I love him, and I knew he loved me too. I didn't broke up yet but if after this conversation Diego forgave me, I would broke up right away. I didn't love the other man nor I had feelings for him. He would understand because he knew from the beginning it would be like this. I only loved Diego, but now he was about to leave me... . #sims4 #thesims4 #eagames #ea #sims #gaming #simsfamily #thesims #simstory #simsdrama #simslove #sims4cc #like4like #windenburg #simming #simmer #simmers #sims4cityliving #sims4gettogether #legacy #simstagram #sanmyshuno #cityliving #gamer #thesimsstories #simsstories #sims4rp

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