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Instagram photo by tanaiantoinetteYou ever just have an off week, month, perhaps couple of months? Where nothing seems to go right, everything is chaos, and people who were once so welcoming, are now seemingly too busy to even say hello? That's been my life for a bit, lately. I've been shaking it off, putting one foot in front of another and going about my days. But, it's bothersome. We almost always default to, "have I done something wrong?" When in fact, everyone is in a season of life. No one is without trials. Instead of internalizing, taking it personally and withdrawing, I encourage you to reach out. Reach out to your kids if they're having meltdowns. Step into their world and out of yours if only for a second, to make their day a bit easier. Go check on your friend. Don't just like the picture online. Smile at the cashier and ask them how their day is going. Hold the door. Pay for someone's coffee. Pray for your neighbor. Smile at a stranger. See this universe of ours, we are all connected in some way. We are responsible for separating ourselves. Race, religion, social and economic status. How we treat one another not only affects that person, but those that person is in contact with. We must love one another. It's NOT negotiable. Love conquers hate. Love conquers fear. Love conquers all. It's too easy to be selfish and busy. Slow down. Take the long way home. Don't charge your phone. Talk at dinner. BE PRESENT. You never know who needs you. #BeANiceHuman #Humanity #Kindness #Laugh #Laughter #Smile #Children #Pray #Happiness #LiveOnPurpose #Dance #EatTheCake #SpreadLove #SpreadKindness #SpreadJoy πŸ’œ

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