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Instagram photo by abyssus._abyssum._invocat⤵This is a bit older but good to know! ↔Russia has adopted a new law that prohibits all GMO crop cultivation and GMO animal breeding in the Russian Federation, to prevent the release of GMOs into the environment. Furthermore, the new law allows the Russian government to restrict the import of GMO products that may pose a threat to human health or the environment. . In 2015, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the Russian Parliament that the country should become the world’s largest supplier of organic foods. Later that year, Russia enforced a law that required strict labeling of products that contain GMOs, while the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich announced that Russia would not use genetically modified organisms to increase productivity in agriculture. . In an attempt to stop the law, pro-GMO lobbyists published a report claiming GMOs to be healthy and safe. The study was written by ill-qualified scientists who used articles influenced by Monsanto and other GMO companies for their analysis. After almost half of the European Union countries opted-out of the decision to start cultivating GMO crops last year, Putin’s ban takes it a step further. . According to some experts, Russia’s ban on the cultivation, breeding and import of GMO crops may have long-term consequences for the global GMO industry. According to Capital Press, the new law could give Russian farmers a leg up with exports to the U.S. and Europe. . . . #putin #gmo #zionism #illuminati #globalism #killuminati #truthsociety #trump #republican #mainstreammedia #donaldtrump #feminist #Nachrichten #mittagspause #deutschland #notmypresident #zionists #zionist #conservative #womensmarch never #withher #kaffee #antifeminism #nationalist #gutenmittag #muslim #islam #christian

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