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Instagram photo by kristynlj - 'A moment on the lips...' you know the rest 🙈 #jellytots #heaven
- 'A moment on the lips...' you know the rest #jellytots #heaven
kristynlj kristynlj
cdsandry15 - Christian Sandry I love sweets, much better than chocolate👍 #favourite
kristynlj - Kristyn James Me too but I'm lethal around them. Once I start I can't bloody stop 🙈 @cdsandry15
cdsandry15 - Christian Sandry Snap! Never have too many of them 😝 @kristynlj I want some now haha
kristynlj - Kristyn James Haha do it 😏 @cdsandry15
cdsandry15 - Christian Sandry Stop it now 😆 @kristynlj
Instagram photo by _white_wabbit - #jellytots #childhoodmemories #sweets #ThisIsLife #work
- #jellytots #childhoodmemories #sweets #ThisIsLife #work
_white_wabbit _white_wabbit
xx_livvy20_xx - L I V V Y G O S S E Y™ That's my fave drink and sweets nice choice
_white_wabbit - White Wabbit @kimferlee @xx_livvy20_xx they're great aha
_white_wabbit - White Wabbit yes! Mum used to give me these when I got my injections when I was little! I'd get it done while eating them and run over to the door then go back and get some more 😂😂