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Instagram photo by jenna_failLets talk about healthy food. What does "healthy food" mean? To me "healthy food" is nutrient rich food. The biggest misconception that I find with "healthy food" is that portions often go out the window. It is commonly thought that healthy food is "good" so we can eat however much we want. However thats not true. These "healthy foods" still contain calories, carbs, fats and protein like anything else. The difference lies in its nutritional value and whole food quality. The most important thing no matter what when it comes to you reaching your goals is moderation & portion control. Although these "healthy foods" are indeed good for you, you will still need to control the portion like you would with anything. - I personally enjoy eating “clean food”. My body responds best to it and I feel so energized and happy when I feed my body well! One thing I always focus on is whole 1 ingredient foods. What is that?? A 1 ingredient food is just that. Its a whole food made entirely up of itself. - Example: Broccoli - 1 ingredient. Doritos- 42 ingredients. - I like to give my body what it needs and will easily break down. Since changing to this method of basic dieting years ago my body is night & day to where it once was! I used to have awful GI issues & constant fatigue. Now my body is perfectly healthy and I have so much energy! I am 25 and I feel like i’m 25! I swear I used to have no energy and was always tired. Not anymore and I know my diet is why!! - Below in the comments you will find my personal list of food that I use for myself along with my usual amounts. I eat 5x day (every 3 hours) keeping Protein a staple in every meal & cycling carb & fat sources depending on what I am doing. (Of course I eat other things not on this list but its my basic go to stuff.) Keep in mind amounts vary person to person and goal to goal but one of the most common things I get asked is “What do you eat??” So here y’all go! Enjoy!

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