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Instagram photo by doonz____LAST NIGHT I OVERCAME A SMALL FEAR OF MINE. . . I truly don't know if "fear" is the right word - more so a hesitancy that I posses. . . I realized that the longer I stray away from mustering up the courage to ask Allah for a favor - the longer I will have to continue fighting the problems I am facing right now. . . I have flaws - too many to keep count of. Making mistakes is part of my daily routine and I truly wish I could say I'm free of sins. All of these negative qualities are what made me feel too ashamed to ask Allah for help. . . Sometimes we come across a turning point in our lives and truly we are lucky to have friends and family on hand to give us advice. But in the end it is Allah who knows all, who is All forgiving and who is the best of planners. . . I prayed Istikhara last night. I trembled while whispering the prayer to myself. My mind racing with a million and one issues I have been dealing with - personal life hardships and work related decisions. As the tears came down my face, my prayers went up to Him. . . I, of course, didn't expect solutions to be delivered to me the next day. But today I woke up with my heart at ease and my mind free of worries. I truly can't put into words how calm I was today. It made me realize that maybe I don't need all of the answers to my obstacles right now - all I truly needed was to succumb to Allah and realize that He wants us to come to Him in time of need - always. . . I urge you to pray Istikhara if something is troubling you. It is not something to take complete advantage of - but it is Sunnah. How beautiful our religion is - how forgiving Allah is. Never feel like you are not worthy of his help. . . I have been told that His mercy is greater than my sins combined. That if my sins reached to the heavens - He would still forgive them. . . . #poetry #poem #qotd #writersofinstagram #poetsofig #pray #typewriter #spilledink #lovequote #muslimgirl #writersofig #writingcommunity #poetsofinstagram #Allah #writerscommunity #lifequotes #artoftheday #artofinstagram #relationshipquotes #loveis #inspirationalquotes #inspo

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