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Instagram photo by thephysiqueprogrammersREMOVE YOUR SPEED BUMPS TO REACH YOUR PHYSIQUE GOALS- Part 3 Exercise Execution: Making sure as your training becomes more and more progressive doesn’t come at the expense of execution is integral. Increasing inertia through violent initiations of undesired muscles or changing your moment arms via body positioning, throughout the lift will decrease the mechanical tension, metabolic stress and sub sequentially increase muscle size. [4] Sticking points & Weaknesses: As plateaus become more and more prevalent the way to ensure progression is not to be held back is to find your weakest link. For example knowing how far from the floor your Deadlift starts to break down will tell someone that understands biomechanics and physiology if your quads, glutes, hamstrings, lats or lower back is the issue in the lift. Correct the issue and your loads will go up and simply rinse and repeat. No objective feedback mechanism: As time passes in our physique timeline we need to know if progress is being made in the right direction. For this to be achieved consistent blood tests, logging your training, tracking your body composition and better yet have a second eye or a coach is necessary with the emotional ties we have to our training. If you can continue to find your weakest link and make sure it is functioning 100% this is where big results happen and your coaching outlook for clients increases tenfold. References in comments. If you read that all you're already ahead of 80% of the fitness industry #basichashtags #gym #information #education #physique #iifym #macros #protein #dietetics #diettips #fitfam #results #performance #squats #legday #powerlifting #workout #carbs #calories #ifbb #npc #wbff #nabba #physiqueprogrammer #bodybuilding #foodie #instagram #article #advices #progressiveoverload

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